Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You... Are... Surrounded

"Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him." Psalm 32:10 I want to begin by saying "thank you". You have truly blessed my heart and the hearts of my family with all your prayers, calls, cards, emails, and visits, during these last three months. Since my last post entry in February, I've had a few set-backs with my health and my grandmother passed away and went on to be with our Lord. Every day, I wanted to write a new post. But every time I sat down to try, I just felt God saying "No, it's not time." So, I waited. During that "wait", God began to provide just what He knew that I needed and that was rest...rest in Him. Rest for my mind, body, and emotions. So, that's where I've been. I've been at His feet. I've been in His arms. I've cried, I've laughed. I've sang praises to Him and I've listened to Him through His word. He provided just what He said He would do and that was give me rest. But now, as the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart, it is with great excitement that I write! May God speak directly to your heart with His words, and may you and I receive them into the innermost places of our hearts... The last part of Psalm 32:10 has come to be one of my "go to" verses for this season of my life. My heart seems to perk up and skip a beat when I see the words, "the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him." To me, this verse can be broken down into three parts: 1.) surrounds 2.) unfailing love 3.) the man who trusts in Him. I choose to focus on "surrounds" first. I'll explain why. By definition, "surround" means, "to enclose on all sides". This phrase in this verse is meant to be viewed positively. But why do we feel this so negatively? Why do we, God's people,feel as though some days, darkness surrounds our thoughts like a cloud. Why is it that some moments, our bodies seem surrounded by pain with no end in sight? Why is it that we feel trapped with financial strain, broken families, or death? Enclosed... on...all...sides. The reason to the "why" is that we buy the illusion of Satan. His version of "enclosed" twists and turns our minds (and stomachs) into knots with anxiety and depression. But this verse, my friend, Psalm 32:10 is just one of the many verses of truth that exposes Satan for the liar that he is!!! The truth is found in the next part: God's unfailing love. If I wouldn't break every bone in my body, I think I would do a cart wheel right here in my house when I think of this concept!!!!! As humans, this is where our faith breaks down. We are sinners, therefore, capable of failing. And as humans, who interact with OTHER humans, we also have BEEN failed. So, accepting the concept of a God that CAN'T fail, is so hard for us to grasp. Satan studies and knows this about each one of us. God's unfailing love can change everything about our perception on a day to day basis. It makes being "enclosed on all sides" a wonderful thing! I know that no matter what form the fiery dart takes when Satan hurls it, I am enclosed on all sides by my God. He will not fail me. He cannot fail me. No matter what my problem 'appears' to look like, God has me surrounded. That's a big deal. I can't help but think of the great escape artist, Harry Houdini. He devoted his life to purposely being enclosed on all sides and then showing he could escape. But illusionists always have ways to make the crowd think the problem is just to big to take. But as I said, it is only an illusion. Satan does the same. At this point in my walk with God, He is showing me where I am left unguarded in my mind, emotions, prayer life, etc. God shows me that the only way to believe I am safe and 'surrounded' by Him, is to look at the last part of that verse: the man who trusts in Him. It always comes down to faith in our Lord. The man who trusts in Him doesn't try to "fix" the illusion...because it's just that---an illusion. I am in no way saying that our problems aren't real. My disease is very real, but the thoughts that perpetuate fear within me are not from God. The thought of "why would God choose me to have a ministry when I am so physically challenged?"--that's the illusion. The thought of "God is angry with me" or "God must not love or need me as much as so and so"---that is the illusion. We must understand that as God's people, we have an eternal home awaiting us. We must understand that by accepting God's son into our heart through salvation, we have been bought and paid for and are sons and daughters of Jehovah. But I think what we often fail to remember that AS God's people, we are also hated by Satan and are very often walking around without our spiritual armor on. We are so quick to blame God for the insecurities we feel or the "problems" we have. Yet, we fail to see in this verse alone, that we are loved with such a deep, unending, precious, unfailing love. Let us hold fast to God's word. Let us be aware of the illusions that Satan puts before us each and every day and waits for our sinful reaction. What about you? What illusions does Satan engulf your thoughts in day after day? Do you FEEL as if the walls are closing in or do you BELIEVE that you are enclosed on all sides by the unfailing love of a mighty God? What's the difference? To me, the difference is ...the man who TRUSTS in Him. Love, Corrie My prayer for today: Lord, I bow before you pleading with you to forgive me for doubting you and your unfailing love for me. I can't count the days that I have bought the illusions of Satan that have brought me nothing but fear and sadness. May my eyes stay fixed on you and may I be seen in Your eyes as the one who trusts in You. I pray every piece of your armor on so that I may be ready to be Your soldier and to finish the purpose you have created for me on this very Earth...